Something exciting is happening in Shippensburg. A spirit of cooperation is blossoming among a broad network of people leading toward the development of a place where the community can come together to meet, build relationships and help each other reach our full potential together.

On the surface, Katie’s Place is an aging industrial space that once filled the air of the Shippensburg Community with the aroma of freshly baked bread. When Martin’s Bakery ended operations at this location several years ago, the building was purchased with the hope that one day, it would become a Community Center.

The building contains approximately 33,000 sq. ft. building on three floors, including:
– A suite of 7 offices including a restroom and a common room.
– Loading docks on 2 levels.
– A 20’ high area large enough for a Middle School basketball court
– Thousands of square feet of transformable space with multiple exits on all three levels

In reality, the possibilities of what can happen at Katie’s Place are limited only by our willingness to join hands and do something together.

About Us

Katie’s Place exists to serve as a gathering place for people of all ages and as a distribution site for charitable human services for the people of the Shippensburg community and the surrounding area. We are incorporated under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law and are organized exclusively for tax exempt purposes as such purposes are defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding section of any future Internal Revenue Law of the United States.
Katie’s Place is operated, supervised and controlled by and through a Board of Directors. The present Board includes the following individuals:
Ronald Madison – Board Chair
Joan Freeman – Board Vice-Chair
Stacy McCole – Board Secretary
Demaree Deardorff – Board Treasurer
Thomas Wiser
Jerome Kater
Patrick Taylor
Donald Hilbinger
Mary Jane Taylor

What’s Next?

To make the dream of Katie’s Place become a reality, we need to take several important steps together:

Fire Sprinkler System – Before we can move forward, the entire building must be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. We have received a bid from a local contractor to do this work. We are currently seeking donors to provide the needed funding (approx. $150,0000).

Zoning/Occupancy Permits – Once the Sprinkler System is installed, we will need to work through the necessary paperwork to attain proper permits. Initial conversations have already happened toward this end.

Youth Center – Bringing this part of the building on-line is going to take some funding and a lot of work, but when it’s done, this space will be an amazing resource for the entire community.


Here’s a list of other resources about Katie’s Place:
• FAQ Sheet – Answers to a variety of frequently asked questions about Katie’s Place
Building Tour – A slide-show of photos from around the building.
KP Facility Use Agreement – Download the form needed to hold your activity at Katie’s Place.
Facility Use Requirements – Download the sheet referencened in the Use Agreement
• Articles of Incorporation – Information of how Katie’s Place operates.
Community Resource Guide– A directory of service available in the Shippensburg Area