Fundraising for Future

Upcoming events include:

  • The Thrift Shop and Rummage Sale at Katie’s Place. Open every Monday from 4-7pm and Tuesday from 9 to noon, the Thrift Shop is your place for unique and fun finds! Donations are accepted whenever the Shop is open. This local treasure trove is sure to have a little something for everyone!  The shop is open one weekend each month, Thurs-Saturday from 9 to noon. It’s always the weekend that features the 3rd Thursday of the month. 

In order to keep moving forward, it is necessary that we ask the community for continued support of our mission and the building. Ongoing fundraising is necessary to keep the building running for the non-profits who reside inside. Your support to each of the programs housed within Katie’s Place is important, but we also ask that you help us as we work to cover building operating costs. This helps keep expenses down for each of the programs in the building.