What’s Next?

Please support our efforts to help the youth of Shippensburg!

To make the dream of Katie’s Place become a reality, we need to take several important steps together:

• Fire Sprinkler System – Before we can move forward, the entire building must be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. We have received a bid from a local contractor to do this work. We are currently seeking donors to provide the needed funding (approx. $150,0000).

Zoning/Occupancy Permits – Once the Sprinkler System is installed, we will need to work through the necessary paperwork to attain proper permits. Initial conversations have already happened toward this end.

Youth Center – Bringing this part of the building on-line is going to take some funding and a lot of work, but when it’s done, this space will be an amazing resource for the entire community.

Update: As, you can see, we are meeting the benchmarks to make the large room usable. Tomorrow is a workday (3/17) from 1-4 PM.  SPO has done a terrific job of consolidating their items for distribution, and we thank them for their efforts. If you would like to volunteer, please call Katie’s Place at 717-477-9100.


Timeline:                                                                                            Task:

Monday February  26th                                                   Leaks repaired in the roof

March 5-16                                                                         Open up space between back room and band room

March 9th                                                                             Tom and Jerome return

Recruit volunteers for after 3/9


March 15th                          Have power washer purchased and onsite with 100 feet of heavy duty hose

March 16th                           Scaffolding up, shelves empty or gone, SPO on other side or upper room

March 17th                           Work Day  1-4 PM to finish up safety projects.  Join us!

BY March 19th                      Get dump Truck from Tom. Access to Elaine’s utility trailer for recycling

April 15th                                                                              Roy begins to paint

April 16th-25th                                                              Continual clean-up

May 1st                                                                 open for show to the community

May 6th                                                                Handicapped Bathroom work?